Do you remember cuddles?

Do you remember when you were young?

Do you remember those special moments when everything in the world felt good and there was nothing that you could not do?

How old were you, and what made those moments special?

a very happy babyWe can all remember back to our early childhood, to those early days when all we had to worry about was not getting caught doing something naughty or trying to sneak that extra treat. But have you ever thought about as a parent what it is like for your very young children and babies.

Every one has the same basic needs at a very young age. We need food, shelter, and most of all they want love and to feel secure. At a very early age babies respond to touch. It is their first language you could say. They like to be held, comforted and reassured. Babies respond to voices, sounds, colours and textures and they learn to communicate with us too in their own limited fashion.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring this language of touch further.

Gillian Cosgrith will also be holding a mother and baby massage course on Friday 27 November where you are parents can learn more about the language of touch to assist your baby development in the early formative years.