When should I get a massage?

massage healthyA massage has many proven health benefits, including stress relief, loosening tight muscles and releasing tension and pressure on nerves. If you are considering having a massage you need to ask yourself “how do I feel and do I have any chronic pain”. This will help you decide what type of massage you need and how frequently you should schedule a massage.

 Each massage therapist has a different style and you might need to experiment to find what best suits you and your needs. Think about what you want to get out of your massage. Are you looking for stress relief or treatment of chronic pain? It is important to explain your reasons for booking a massage to your massage therapist. They can then suggest an appropriate treatment plan to best achieve your goals.

Many people ask “how often should I get a massage”. The simple answer to this is “whenever you feel you need one”. If you feel your muscles starting to tense up, your body starting to ache or you are experiencing stress then a massage will help.

A weekly massage with have the greatest benefit for your health and quality of life. However this is not always possible. When addressing a chronic pain condition, it is often recommended to have 2-3 massages in quick succession to address the issue, then reduce to fortnightly or monthly massages to maintain the benefits achieved. The longer you wait between massages, the more opportunity you are giving your muscles to revert to their previous state.

 Investigate the massage therapists in your area and find out what type of massage techniques they use. Book yourself a series of massages with different therapists and using different techniques. Then you can decide what works best for you.

 Listen to your body. Book a massage as soon as you think you need one and communicate your goals with your massage therapist and you will achieve the maximum health and wellness benefits from your massage. Most of all, enjoy your massage time. It is your time and it’s all about you.


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  1. I avail massages usually once or twice a month. That haven’t changed even until now. Just had a massage yesterday so I’m feeling good. :)

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